Sunday, June 30, 2013

 Not Every Family Has A Steady Source Of

Food,  Especially Here In The South  !!


     Tell OBama To Help Out ....

To Stop Ignoring The People Of The South


Friday, June 28, 2013

Eye Witness : Treyvon Martin Was On Top of George Zimmerman Hitting Him .... " Ground and Pound " Position !

" Creepy Ass Cracker " Rachel Jeantel Say's Treyvon Martin Said This To Zimmerman ....

  Treyvon Martins Girlfriend / Friend Say's Treyvon said,

 ' Creepy Ass Cracker. '

    Her Testimony Yesterday On The Stand.

   Then continues and say's, " calling someone

' creppy ass cracker ' is not racist. "

  ( but calling someone a nigga is ?? rap songs, movies and

    social media is full of blacks calling each other " nigga. "  )

 Calling Someone ' Cracker ' or ' Creepy Ass Cracker ' Is Racist !!

   Double Standards by certain blacks and certain media outlet's

 is down right Ignorant  !!  How 'bout when blacks kill whites,

 put it on the New's like you did for Treyvon Martin   !!

Heads Up : Hard Hitting Brother / Uncle Getting Out Of Prison Soon. 8 / 24 / 13. He'll Actually Get's Out The 1 st. Of August 2013

Ppl Dying Left To Right Man 

It All Feel Wrong Only Thing Good Is 

My Uncle Coming Home!

#10 str8 bending Max out real nigga shit 8/24/13

Lilnino Profit Gang / LilNino Gang - Real Gangsta .... ?!

I hate these fake ass mf niggardly lie like they got something knowing they dnt sell shit they wrking sumbody job and these niggas acting gangster and wouldn't kill a fly an people say they would do something 4 yu then flam I gotta quit fucking with these clowns and stay wit my day 1 nights MrBagz Cuttino LilNino Gang
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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Zimmerman Trial A Joke. Star Witness Impeaching Herself ...


    Trayvon Martin girlfriend act like she ain't graduate kindergarten
  2. Trayvon Martin girlfriend got no reason to have an attitude heffa fkkin up everything 😒
  3. Rachel Jeantel (girl friend of Trayvon Martin) testified today for the second time. She was cool calm and...
  4. I was told Trayvon Martin was on he phone with is girlfriend
  5. listening Trayvon Martin girlfriend on the stand is just painful to my ears.

The State of Florida Arrested Zimmerman Off This Liar's Statements ?? Her Stories Change Constantly ....

  1. Trayvon Martin girlfriend said "I was been paying attention sir" somebody get a english teacher ASAP!!!
  2. Watching Trayvon Martin's girlfriend on the stand is painful..... Lord have mercy

Coached Over Night. Rachel Jeantel Demeanor Completely Different ....


I'm Glad Trayvon Martin Girlfriend Not Acting Ratchet Today

" Creepy Ass Cracker " Is Not Racist ?? Social Media : ' Paid Off ' Waited 3 Weeks To Come Forward ?


Social Media Below. All African Americans ...

    1. I bet Trayvon Martin's Ex-Girlfriend asked for her Skittles and Juice back after Court yesterday!
    2. 😒But they weren't for her👎“: I bet Trayvon Martin's Ex-Girlfriend asked for her Skittles and Juice back after Court yesterday!”

      Image will appear as a link
  1. Trayvon Martin's girlfriend looks like she's 30 ..
  2. What if that girl ain't even Trayvon Martin REAL's just some random booger they paid off the street

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

' Zimmerman Is Innocent ' However, ........ People Don't Won't Riots. They Will Find Him Guilty !


Zimmerman is Innocent ... However, the brothers in Fl. will burn the place down if Zimmerman is found not Guilty. Blacks Riot / Whites Move