Wednesday, November 29, 2017

// If you're a Christian // True Christian // You Forgive Others // As God Forgives You // Amen ....... //

Sunday, November 26, 2017

// Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor We Pray Get's 20 Years // He was Seen with Brittanee Drexel After She Was Kidnapped by Several Witnesses // Plus the Jailhouse Witnesses // Da'Shaun Failed Polygraph Test Too // Guilty //



Timothy Da'Shaun Taylor has raped many women. Just ask 
around in McClellanville, S.C. He did have a great deal to do with 
Britt's Disappearance, Rape and Murder. Several Witnesses 
saw them together after Britt went Missing. These Witnesses 
do not include the Jailhouse Witnesses. 


Trigger Man and Da'Shauns Father. He Killed Brittanee Drexel.
After Britt tried to run and with all the News of her 
Disappearance. Da'shauns Father above Killed Her. Then 
Shaun and other Co-Defendants dumped Brittanee Drexel 
Body in a Gator Pit. To get rid of all Evidence ... 
Shaun Taylor has been Arrested in the Past for 
Kidnapping and other Assaults ... 
Walk's Every Time ...  



Randall Taylor along with 4 other Co-Defendants 
Kidnapped, Raped and Murdered Shannon McConaughey
back in 1998.  Pictured below ... 
One of the Defendants Confessed to the Crimes. 

However, later all charges were dropped by Prosecutors ?? 
Some Judges and Prosecutors will make you sick ...   


The Taylor Gang Have Been At It For Years ! 
Since At least 1998. If not Earlier. Including their 

Gang of Kidnappers, Sex Traffickers and Murderers ... 


 The Justice Department Should Investigate These Animals
All Hate Crimes ... HomeLand Security Too ... They Deal 
With Sex Trafficking ...  

 FBI Is Working The Cases. However More 
Needs To be Done ... 

Crystal Gale Soles 

Another Young Lady Gone Missing
Same Area As All The Rest ... 
Taylor Gang Near By ... 
Same M.O. 

Police Believe Taylor Gang and or Co-Defendants 
Had Everything To Do With Her Disappearance ...

Monday, November 20, 2017

// Give Timothy " Da'Shaun " Taylor The Max // 20 Years in Prison // Kidnapped, Gang Raped and Murdered Brittanee Drexel //

   // Animal // Timothy " Da'Shaun " Taylor //   

Person of interest in Brittanee Drexel disappearance faces up to 20 years in prison

   // 17 Year Old // Brittanee Drexel // Taken Far Too Soon //   

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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

// It's Time to Stop being Slaves to Political Correctness and Identity Politics and Speaking the Truth // Islam Kill's // Trumps Travel Ban is a Must //

  1. It's time to stop being slaves to political correctness and identity politics and speaking the truth Radical Islamic Terrorism

  2. A truck didn't drive down the street. A Muslim radical drove a truck down the street and murdered eight people. Stop lying to us.