Monday, January 28, 2013

The OBamas' Mission ...

                   The OBamas' 

  The OBama's have done nothing for this Great Country of Ours!
However, they have managed to Divided Us like no one else in our History.

Whatever happened to, ' Hope and Change ' ?! OBama has spent more Money
than any President before him!  OBama loves to "Give" our Tax Dollars to
Companys like it's nothing. And These Entitlements He Preaches Are Destroying
America As We Know Her ...

    On His Watch, OBama has allowed the National Debt. to Top $ 16 Trillion
Dollars !?? Is he Mad. He Spends unlike any other President before him.
Is he really trying to destroy America ???? ...  Many Wonder ...

    OBama now is Pushing Gun Control to take away from the Real Issue's!
   Which is Americas Future !! Uncontrolled Spending has to Stop ...
Put the Monies back in Social Security that Congress Stole over the past 50
years. That's our money. Congress and OBama can take a pay cut !!!!

   Start Balancing the Budget ! Stop Building Bridges to Nowhere. Make all
them Crooks on Wall Street and those Bailout Company's Pay Back all The
Monies given to them. With Interest !! And Cut back on Government
Entitlements like Food Stamps and Such. If people need help give it to
them. ( drug test ) But make them look for Work ! Help them get on there
feet and then cut them loose ! Period.

                   Do not let OBama Destroy this Great Country of Ours.
         Go out and work and feel good about yourself !! Screw OBama .....


                 Check Out This Young Mans Video's and Website :

                 He gives you a Black Man's View of OBama


Common Sense Video's are awesome. Watch'em and Learn.
Hear what blacks think of Obama's lies and crap. And he
will give you a good laugh too ...
Hat's off to Common Sense


    Also Remember, OBama Is Friends with Louis Farrakhan
and Bill Ayers - Terrorist !! Rezko and Wright, Crooks and a
Man that will Curse GOD In The PullPIT of a Church ?! Rezko
is in Federal Prison. " Rev. Wright is like a Crazy Uncle," OBama
said this !! But OBama went to his Racist Chuch for 20 Years !!??
Idiot ...

   Want to really get your blood pressure up ?!

Read this Article about:
 " Aren't They Cute? "
By: Jay Nordlinger -  May 2012

How Clinton and OBama help out Murders ! And / Or
Endorse them. Give Murders, Presidential Pardons, to
Cop Killers. ( ?? )

     Thank You .......

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