Sunday, February 17, 2013


    Simple, they have A Lot To Hide. While our Brave Men were being

Murdered. Barack Hussein OBama could have cared less. For OBama

was Campaigning in Las Vegas, NV. He had to Win a Second Term !

At all Cost ! You see Power is a Great Thing. Especially for someone

who is Running For President of the USA. And who will take Campaign

Money from the Devil Himself ! So long as he Win's The Election.

A Few American Lives Being Lost would Not Stand in the Way of  This

"Historic" Event.  No Matter What ...

     After Calling for Help Several Times and being in a Fire Fight for over

" 7 " Hours. The Brave Americans' were Over Run. OBama and his Advisors

knew they had to come up with a Cover Story and Fast !!  And this they did.

     For OBama and his Admin. had watched these Men Die on a Live

Feed from a PREDATOR DRONE !? And hadn't done a thing to save them.

      ( Sicily, Italy, has (2) Two U.S. Naval Air Stations, NAS, just an hour
      flying time from Benghazi !? Still No Help was sent !? Even though
      Navy Seals are stationed there. I saw a friend at one of these Bases back
      in 1996. He was Stationed there and was a Navy Seal ! The Best of the
      Best. It is a Forward Operating Base. Why wasn't these Navy Seals
      sent in to Rescue these fine men ??!! Air Force C -17 Cargo Planes fly
      in and out every single day. Navy Seals / Green Beret could Parachute
      right in there and have saved these men. And / Or used the Helicopters
      stationed there. As well as Italian assets available there too !! ?? )

    Already working on a plan was his Admin. / Handlers. They planed to

Blame a Video for the Murders' was in the works. A Video making Fun

of Mohammed, The Fake Prophet ... Would work perfectly ...

    OBama went on Campaigning even though he just allowed the

Murder of  4 Americans'. And one was a supposed friend ?

( so much for friendship )

   " OBama and his Handlers' Never even gave the Military a Chance to Save

Our Men in Benghazi ?!  ( why not )    He was Campaigning Remember ...

In Las Vegas, NV.  Big Time Money Exchanging Hands Here People

In Sin City !!  ( and $50,000 for a plate of food and hear Obama talk ? )

G. E. and General Dynamics Exe. in Town. $$ Billions are at stake ... "

 OBama would probably have said,

      " Who has the Time to Stop and Save Lives when I, OBama, am making

History! First Black President and going to Win My Second Term. America has

Plenty of White Boys to replace these Four. Come on man. It's my bad. No

worries. What, do you think the Media will say anything, No way. They Love

me. I have them Eating out of my hands. Did you see my Interview the other

Month at the White House ? Them reporters love me. I can say and do anything

and they Love me. Dumb Ass Crackers. Got a Joint friend ? Good, roll it up. "

   (  If you don't think OBama is a Racist / Bigot then you have Not Read
   his Book. He talks about White Man did this and White Man did that.
   What ?! He tells' of how Food is wasted on Cruises Ships and it's the
   White Mans fault ?? Mr. OBama. I'm White and I've never been on a
   Cruise Ship !! Can't afford it. BUT you Mr. OBama go to Hawaii like I
   go to the Grocery Store !??! How many Millions $$$$ does that Cost
   The American Tax Payers ?? Flying back and forth across the USA and
   that Hugh Ocean out there called the Pacific Ocean !?   HYPOCRITE  ...
   Millions wasted and Michelle bought herself a New Jacket for $ 7000.00
   at Tax Payers Expense this past week ?!!?  OBama is a Hypocrite and a
   Lying Bigot. Sat in a Racist Church for 20 Years and said he heard No Hate
   Speeches by Rev., Jackass, Wright. ?? Video Tape Proved OBama is in Fact
   a Liar   ...  Then Later OBama call's Wright his Pastor of 20 Years,
     ' Like a Crazy Old Uncle We all Know of. '  -  Foot in Mouth again.  )

      Some say OBama Handlers' / Admin. wanted the Ambassador killed. And they

certainly didn't won't him talking to the Press! For he had asked on Several Occasions

for more Security Personnel but was Denied ?! Even though 9/11 anniversary was

approaching fast and they had credible threats ?!! Still No more Security was Sent!?

   Hillary R. Clinton told Congress to kiss her ass the other day right on TV. Why

should she have to answer for "4" dead Americans ! She has more important things to

do apparently. Like getting ready to run for President in 2016.  ...  Excuse me  ...

 ...  And Why isn't "60 Minutes" looking into this ?? Perhaps even "Dateline NBC" ?! 

 ...  Congress wants to know, but not 60 Minutes !!??  Maybe ABC - 20/20 will look

 into it ?? We can only Pray. (( fat chance nbc dateline would do a story -

 as they are Owned by G.E. who gave millions to obamas' campaign and got in return

 billions' in defense contracts. $$$$.  again, fat chance. ))  

  Ask yourself, "could you just sit there and watch our men being killed on live TV??

Most people would be screaming at the live feed. And calling up all Military Units

they could to help these guys out. I would be yelling like I was watching a Football

game. ( !! ) Those are our men ..." 

Please Wake Up America,  

             Thank You

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