Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Black Club Violence After Fight Breaks Out .... Typical Right OBama ....

Security Guard Shots Woman Before Crash. SLED @ Anderson County Sheriff Office Investigating ....

Double shooting crash  

     Lindia Cynthia Lomax Dies After Fight and Being Shot By Security Guard 
             At " MARVON'S Night Club " At 4 am. 


                 ANDERSON COUNTY, SC

 The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division is now investigating the actions of an armed security guard after a shooting left a woman dead, a man injured and a vehicle wrecked Saturday morning.

  Anderson County deputies said they were called to a wreck at 4 a.m. at the Highway 28 bypass and Market Street and learned both people inside the truck had gunshot wounds.
  The driver, India Cynthia Lomax, 21,was shot in the torso and died at the scene.
  Coroner said Lomax died from a gunshot wound. The autopsy showed she was shot in the torso from behind. The Coroner said the bullet entered through her back and exited through the front of her torso.
The passenger, Willis Reginald Donald, 33, of Market Street in Anderson, was shot in the arm.
Through their Investigation, Deputies learned that the victims were shot at a gas station next to Marvon's Nightclub on the Highway 28 bypass.  ( Bad area. VFW )
  A private Security Guard at the nightclub told Deputies there was a Fight at the club and there were claims that someone had a weapon.
SLED said the guard was hired by Black Ops Protective Services. Out of Columbia, SC
The Guard told Deputies he was trying to disperse a crowd from the club’s parking lot and the gas station parking lot next to it after the Fight.
 The Security Guard told deputies a truck, driven by Lomax, was told to stop as it was leaving the parking 
lot, but instead turned in his direction.   (  ??  )

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