Monday, August 12, 2013

New York Mayor Blames The Carolina's For The Gun Violence In NYC ?? What ......... Bloomy Grow Up !! Stop Blaming Other's For Your High Crime Rate !!

                 NEW YORK PROBLEM'S


 The Mayor of New York says the Carolinas and two other states are responsible for providing a majority of the traceable guns used in crimes in his city.
 According to the available crime gun trace data released Wednesday, in 2011, 90 percent of the 2,433 traceable guns used in crimes were from outside New York State. The year before, 86 percent of the 2,319 guns came from out-of-state.
 Most of the guns come from 10 states, with the majority from North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. City officials said the states supplying illegal guns have weak gun laws.    

 The fact is a Criminal will always find a way to get a Gun or use some other means for Killing if that's what they want to do. Its usually not the law abiding citizens who purchase or carry a gun legally that you have to worry about. But people like "Bloomy" always love avoiding the real problems with real solutions by deflecting with petty responses such as the one above.
 We need to stop making Prisons and Jails a "walk in the park" for most criminals and make it a place they won't be comfortable at...and we need to hand down Stiffer Penalties that might make a Criminal think twice before they Commit a Crime. That's where the focus needs to be.

 And No where in the article does it say the guns were purchased and/or obtained in the States Mentioned. It says that's where the guns originated. Those guns could have been bought and sold at legitimate gun shops, gun stores, shows, pawn shops, etc. Those guns also could've been stolen. You have to pass a background check to buy a gun in SC -- I know as I've passed it 3 times. If you don't pass the check, you don't buy the gun. Period.

  Bloomy needs to Grow a Pair and Stop Blaming Other's ...

            LAY DOWN BLOOMY

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