Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tis' Hw they act ....... The " N " Word Is Used a Billion Times A Day .... But You Best Not Be White or Latino ....

  1. Mf's can say Wat they want bout Veto I ain't shit I'm this I'm that,but I know I'm a good nigga and have a good heart regardless of Wat you say or think about me, I'm not having this cook out so mf's can be like oh Veto a real nigga nah I'm doing this shit cause I love my niggas that's no longer here and I'm pretty sure they would do the same if I was gone Real Niggas Do Real Things and I Feel I'm one of The Realest One's Out Here!!!!! WTBS R.I.P To All My Homies Gone But Neva Forgotten!!!!
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