Friday, April 20, 2018

// Poor Choices // When all The Experienced Police Officers Quit // Who Are You Going To Call ?? // Making Career Criminals into Victims is Just Dumb ! // Good Cops Will Quit // Then You Can Call Sharpton for Help // Or Naacp // All The Good Ones are Gone or Dead // Wake Up America // Career Criminals are not Victims // Career Criminals are Guilty of Poor Choices //

         // Choices // 

 Experienced Police Officers will Quit. Then you will have mayhem ...

All Good Cops Quit because of all the Lies .. 

 When Gangs and Gangsta's Run Our Streets. Look No Further Than Sharpton, 

MSM, The Hate Group BLM and Liberals. 

 If you think that Police Work is easy go become one !! Stop all the Hate .. 

Go become a Police Officer and make a difference. Make a difference in 

your neighborhood. Talk is cheap ...  Show us how to Police Gangs .. !!!! 

Show us how to Police Gangsta's  ..  !!!!  

Show us how to Police Armed Robbers, Burglarizes, Murderers, ect, ..  !!  

 Only Career Criminals Run From Police ...

 If they are innocent why run ??

 Obey the Law, Simple !!
 Comply with an Officer's Orders, again simple !!

Experienced Police Officers will Quit. Then you will have mayhem ...

As young officers will make mistakes and more lives lost .. Thanks Sharpton @ BLM ..

 When People Riot over a Bullies / Career Criminals / you lost us  ..  !!!!  

Case in Point Below : 

                     Michael Brown - Straight Up Gangsta !! Bully - Thug ..

                 Grabs a Police Officers Gun while he's in his Patrol 

                   Car and gets Dead !! After above Robbery !!  

                 People called 911. And You Riot  ??????? ..  WTH .. 

                 (  look at him. thinks he's a gangsta. well if you 

                      act like one, you get what you asked for.  )  

 When thugs like these take over your town / city blame yourself. 

Riot and Protest because all the Good Cops Quit !! All Experienced 

Police Officers Quit. Now all you have is a bunch of rookies ... 

More shootings ..  Because you believed a lie ..   You rioted 

over career criminals .. Didn't let the Authorities do a proper 

investigation .. Burned down your own town / city .. 

 Idiots ............ 

 When Gangs take over don't call 911 ..   Call CNN, call sharpton, 

call the group BLM, to get them gang bangers out your house  !!  

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